February 24, 2009

Situation Room as playground for [re] creation, collective action, active occupation, open demonstration, and social games has been intuitive, interactive and collective performance, revealing a directory of tools and knowledge for everyday life. For architecture of process, of fabrication, reaction and interaction, members of EXYZT inhabited the gallery space, making use of the furnishings as a domestic space.

Rather than showing past projects, EXYZT set up a platform for creation and solidarity, inviting people to transform the classic use of the gallery, to experiment diversity of programs and activities with basic cheap materials forming moveable boxes activated with the Storefront staff.

We proposed a platform for action, defending an architecture that is alive. EXYZT shakes up the idea of architecture as an independent field. Working on experimental projects, EXYZT invites architecture, video, graphic-design, botany and any other concept to become devices of expression and creation.

Like a series of disparate notes, ready-to-assemble elements will be put together in situ to create this modular, domestic place: rapidly assembled viral constructions that can be implemented to create and augment a social space. Little by little, each limb of this strange apartment grew new functions, allowing its users to do more and more things, to occupy and work in its ever-changing space. After the basic living space has been assembled an essential urban infrastructure we added: water, electricity, radio, TV, Internet, etc. …

Once complete, a vast variety of individual modules occupied the gallery space to be used for a moment, a day, or a whole night. Lightness, speed and flexibility will be essential ingredients of the set-up.

Philippe Rizzotti & Dimitri Messu

@ Storefront for art and architecture